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Out of the sites we surveyed:

90% saw >100% increase in homepage email acquisition

There's currently no clearer, more-direct way to ask users to subscribe for updates.

75% said quality was HIGHER than any other paid acquisition method

1. Users are familiar with content.
2. Paid lists are never clean.
3. Users have typically come in on a recommendation or search for your content.

The high-powered email subscription form

We Drive Incentives

Users are incentivized with large numbers, big prizes, in addition to the desire to get your email updates.

We Push Social Engagement

It doesn't have to stop at email. Users can gain more entries for "liking", tweeting, sharing, and more.

We Make You Look Good

You're partnering with a respected name in cause marketing, and engaging in a marketing effort that raises $100,000s for charity.

We Give Users a Win-Win-Win

They win, their cause wins, and they're entered to receive your emails. Sound like a no-brainer?

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